Throwback Thursday- Heart of Gold

On Thursdays I am going to be spotlighting books I read a while back and considered to be game changers for one reason or another (hence, the title, Throwback Thursday :)).

Today, I want to talk about Heart of Gold, a contemporary romance originally published in 2003 by the author Jessica Bird.  If you read romance and you’ve never heard of Jessica Bird, I wouldn’t be that surprised; however, I bet you have heard of J.R. Ward, paranormal romance extraordinaire.  Ward’s Blackdagger Brotherhood series is phenomenal and extremely well known among romance readers.  Before penning this wildly successful paranormal series, Ward wrote contemporary romance under the name Jessica Bird.  Prior to reading the Blackdagger Brotherhood series I had been reading YA with paranormal elements & some urban fantasy, but was not into romance at all; after the BDB, I was hooked, that series was a total game changer for me.  After falling whole heartedly in love with Ward’s PNR, I happened to stumble upon the fact that she had written contemporary in her other life as Jessica Bird.  At the time I discovered this, all her Jessica Bird novels were out of print.  So, being the devoted Ward fan I am, I tracked down used copies of her entire Jessica Bird backlist.  The first one I read was Heart of Gold.  Never before had I considered picking up contemporary romance, but reading that book made me a fan for life of the genre.  So, in a nut shell, all my romance fanaticism started with J.R. Ward.  If you’ve never read her work, you are in for a treat and a couple weeks of non-stop reading when you pick her up and realize what you’ve been missing.  If you are a Ward fan, I’d love to hear from you and am curious whether you have picked up any of the books she wrote as Jessica Bird, most of which have been reprinted in the last couple of years with new covers (and some have new titles as well).

Here is the synopsis of Heart of Gold (from

She has a passion for unlocking secrets of the past…

Archaeologist Carter Wessex is drawn to Farrell Mountain to solve a centuries old mystery- and find a fortune in hidden gold. One thing stands in her way: Nick Farrell, a notorious corporate raider with no patience for trespassers on his land, and way too much sex appeal. After an explosive introduction, Carter abandons the project…but with Nick in hot pursuit.

 What she finds is something more valuable than gold…

Though wary of Nick’s change of heart, Carter is soon swept up into the mystery- and the arms of a man she swore she’d never fall for. As buried secrets surface and passion grows, the shocking details of the missing gold are revealed. So are Nick’s true motives, leaving Carter to wonder…has everything between them been just another cunning ruse? And how many more secrets has he yet to share? It will take a heart of gold to find the truth—and have faith in a timeless love…



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