Marry Me, Cowboy (Copper Mountain Rodeo)

More cowboys, y’all, just can’t help myself 🙂  Marry Me, Cowboy, the second book in the Copper Mountain Rodeo series, is about Tegan, an Australian native who has been riding the rodeo circuit for the past two years.  She and her friend Chet are about to walk down the aisle together, not because they are in love, but because Tegan’s visa is about to expire and she’s not ready to go back to Australia yet. Unfortunately, Chet has a change of heart at the last minute & decides he can’t marry Tegan. Chet’s best friend Jamie & Tegan have never really gotten along, but after the wedding debacle they are thrown together when Chet reveals a big secret to them then leaves town. Once they realize their dislike for each other is misplaced and acknowledge the attraction they have always denied, sparks fly.

I absolutely loved this story!  I know, I really do have some kind of cowboy fetish, don’t I?  While I thoroughly enjoyed Tempt Me, Cowboy, the first installment in the series, I have to say that Marry Me, Cowboy is definitely my favorite of the two.  For me, romance novellas can be tricky; sometimes a believable romance is hard to weave into the confines of the word count of a novella.  Marry Me, Cowboy, is the perfect example of a novella done right.  It had just the right amount of all elements needed to make a good romance: likeable characters (including a swoon-worthy hero), believable relationship development, spot-on sexual tension, and a sigh-inducing happily ever after.  What’s not to love about all that?

Marry Me, Cowboy, is definitely a story I would recommend for anybody who likes contemporary romance.  It can be read as a standalone since the only connection between it and the first novella is the location of Marietta, Montana.  The novellas are by different authors working collaboratively under the umbrella of Montana Born Books, and there is at least two more novellas coming out in the Copper Mountain Rodeo series to look forward to.  You can check out what’s coming next from Montana Born books at:

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