Welcome to my little corner of the internet!  I’ve got no shame over my love of (and subsequent addiction to)  romance novels.  There is nothing I love more than sharing a book I love with someone else in hopes that they will love it too, so I created this blog to share my thoughts and reviews about the genre I hold so dear.  So, my book-loving friends, enjoy & please feel free to share your opinions and thoughts about our beloved books!  If you are on twitter, you can follow me (Emily) at https://twitter.com/mybookBFIHTY, & you can also reach me by email at mybookbfihty@gmail.com.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I love books tooooo! Hooray for book nerds! 🙂 I’m not much of a romance novel reader, but I like books with cute love stories (Ha…I’m so into young adult lit. Less heaving bosoms and such.) I’m excited to read about the books you review! 🙂 Emily, what kind of books do you love?

    • Heaving bosoms and such, you crack me up Amy! 🙂 I got started reading romance on YA books that had romance intertwined in them and that blossomed into a love for the romance genre as a whole. I still read YA here and there but my true loves are contemporary romance, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. I will really read anything though as long as there is a love story somewhere in it, so if you ever have any good recommendations let me know, I love reading suggestions from fellow book nerds :). By the way, love your blog!

      • Thanks! 🙂 I am reading the Mortal Instrument Series right now…it’s pretty good, but I reaaalllly loved “Divergent” and “Convergent”. They are so cool and interesting– and there’s a nice love story!

    • Thank you Andrea! It was so sweet of you to include me, it made my day when I saw your post. I will be forwarding on the Shine On love as soon as I get the chance, probably will post in the next day or two.

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