Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

I recently started using Netgalley; for anybody reading this who isn’t familiar with Netgalley, it is a website where professional book reviewers, book sellers, librarians, educators, etc. can get access to ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of books from publishers & indie authors who list this their books with this service.  I think Netgalley is a great forum to help connect readers with authors who are looking to get more exposure, but it does have its pitfalls.  One of those pitfalls is the fact that as a reader you are sometimes taking a shot in the dark as to whether a book you request will be something appealing to you.  Sure you read the book description and only request what you think you would like to read, but you are still taking a leap when requesting debut or new to you authors.  My time is pretty valuable to me, so when I pick out a book to read I typically pick an author I already know I like, something that was recommended to me, or something that has plenty of great reviews.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love getting free books, but when you are requesting an ARC you don’t have the luxury of basing your decision to read on recommendations or reviews.  The last two books I read were ARCs I got via Netgalley, and while their synopses sounded promising, I did not really like either book.  I am the type who rarely does not finish a book I start, I am compelled to read until the end, so starting a mediocre to downright bad book is a real pain in the butt for me.   I left reviews for both the ARCs I read on Goodreads & Amazon, but I chose not to blog about them because, well, ain’t nobody got time for that kind of negativity.  From here on out I am going to be much more selective about my Netgalley requests because I just don’t have it in to read another crappy book right now with all the other reading I have to do to fulfill professional obligations (non-fiction reading and terribly boring).  For anyone else that uses Netgalley, I would love to hear your thoughts about it, and whether you also suffer from not being able to DNF a book you don’t like :).